Your Organization Committe

Whether you like it or not, all of you should (or would) be involved in organizing this get-together on 18th December’15, aka “Bees Saal Baad”. As  the famous saying goes – “there are no free lunches on Dalal street”, this party will be a success with everybody’s enthusiasm and input. Its a party of us, for us, and most importantly by us. If anybody feels that  they will just pay for the costs, and attend the get-together like a guests at a marriage reception, then I urge you to think again about the need for your attendance. Some of us share this sentiment, that all of us have in the past (for a decade or so at least), value-added to each other’s lives. Please let us continue with that spirit, and understand that nobody over here is any less busy, less occupied and less stressed than any other. It might be tempting to think that it’s otherwise. Please don’t.
With that long monologue, let me introduce to you the organizing committee, and their respective responsibilities.
Somak (+91 9953152359): Plan.Canvass the chaps living in Delhi. Remind everyone about paying up. Finance mgmt.
John (+91 9547951507): Co-ordinate with the teachers and transport arrangements within Asansol.
Dominic (+91 9890679315): Co-ordinate with teachers and school. Responsible for Asansol lunch and tea.
Mukul (+91 9434063005): Co-ordinate Asansol Club matters, including dinner and drinks.
Supriyo(+91 9836525357): Co-ordinate within Asansol. Reach out to our classmates everywhere.. Sweeper-cover for hiccups.
Plaban (+91 9609676145): Panchet matters.
Sid (+65 81889327): Plan. Treasurer. Co-ordinate. Sweeper-cover.
Do feel free to contact any of the above.