This site contains some ideas regarding organizations and the humans that these organizations deal with (both within and outside). While, at the very start, the plan was to get contributions from others who are a part of the workforce (‘The wisdom of crowds’), in capacities ranging from Managers to COOs, in domains ranging from Information Technology to Strategy Consulting, in roles ranging from Markerting to Human Resource, and in countries ranging from Singapore to Australia. But that didn’t turn out to be easy. People with different opinions, and tastes and wishes, don’t make for a prompt start to a blog (they make for good friends though).

So, this starts with my thoughts. They can literally be anything and everything (even remotely) related to business organizations. I have worked primarily in the Information Technology and Healthcare Sectors. My academic training spans the fields of Technology and Business, and interestingly enough when in IT I had happened to work on forensics (ofcourse of the computer kind). Strategy, Governance, Human Capital Management, Organizational Psychology, Risk Management and Business Behavior are some domains that interest me. And, when I do obtain my Doctorate in a few months time, I hope to be able to resist adding that prefix Dr. in front of my name. The title is not worth the effort. But, it would definitely be worthwhile if I could contribute to a better living for more people.

I am passionate about the sustainability of organizations, and this blog would mostly deal with that. This site is not about solutions or answers; its only about ideas. I am sometimes called Sid. It’s just a short form of my name. If you want to talk about organizations, or discuss some strategies about the functioning of your organization, do write to ideasfororganizations{at}gmail.com; somebody from my team of future leaders would get back to you.