Confines of Creation

by Sid

A brief discussion got me thinking. What is the limit of creativity, or rather why is creation such a challenge? Of course we are talking here of something big, something even massive, not your everyday baking of a cake, or your writing of a blog post, or creating a tune, or running a mile. Or maybe we need to talk about them as well. You see, when you bake a cake, you would presumably want it to taste good to your folks, your family and possibly friends, and that is where the fun ends. If they like it, you feel validated; If they don’t, you are just going to tell yourself ‘Oh well ! next time’ and that’s it. Its the same when you are running a mile. If you don’t meet your time targets, its just that. Nothing else depends on the fact that you are a rather slow runner (maybe when I am older and have some serious cardiac issues I would change my mind on this).

Contrast this with when you are on a bigger stage, aka James Cameron with Avatar, you just don’t know where to stop – What are indeed the confines of creation ? Its interesting to consider that he took 10 years to complete the movie. When you think of it, maybe there were times when he thought that ‘this is it, and there’s nothing more that I would want to add to or better Avatar with’. Of course, we would never know whether the name avatar was an early or a late christening. Nor would we ever know, that if he would have called it as ‘a love story’ or even ‘the war of times’, would that have had a bigger impact on the movie – a few less box office sales, but a few more Oscar statuettes; maybe? Did he really have a road-map for the entire decade of his creation. Did he even know that it would take him close to a decade to come up with Avatar. We would never know.

Now, let us go back to the cake baking. I am sure, women reading this might be feeling somewhat peeved that I have considered Cameron’s Avatar a greater achievement than their very own home-baked sweet chocolate fudge cakes. I conclude here with the question to them – at what point during their baking did they decide that the cake was now good enough; a minute more of baking, or a few extra almond flakes, or some more chocolate sauce, or a little less tenderness, was not going to make it any better. Therein lies the challenges with creation; exactly along its boundaries and confines.

Image Source: ArtChive